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Best Uses for Ball Bungees

Ball bungees are a type of elastic cord made of rubber or other material. They are used to hold things together, such as when tying down a tarp on a truck. Ball bungees are a perfect tool if you’re wanting to tie two things together.

How do you tie a ball bungee?

There are a number of ways to tie ball bungees, but one easy way is to make a loop with the ball bungee and then put it over the thing you want to hold together. Then, take the ball bungee and make another loop, and put it over the first loop. Finally, pull the ball bungee tight. This will create a secure hold that won’t come undone easily.

Looking to make it longer? Tie two ball bungees together by laying them both horizontally, with the balls being at opposite ends to one another. Loop together and pull tight.

What are the best uses for ball bungees?

Ball bungees are versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes.

Tying down a tarp

As mentioned, ball bungees are great for holding tarps in place. If you’re using a ball bungee to tie down a tarp, be sure to put it over a strong part of the tarp so that it doesn’t rip.

Securing a load in the back of a truck

Ball bungees can also be used to secure loads in the back of a truck. This is especially helpful if you’re transporting something bulky

Securing items in a moving vehicle

This can help to prevent items from shifting around during transit.

Tying down a tent

Ball bungees can be especially helpful in windy weather conditions.

Hanging Christmas decorations

Ball bungees can be used to hang decorations up high, without the need for nails or screws.

Fixing a broken zipper

If the slider on your zipper breaks, ball bungees can be used to hold the zipper together until you can get it repaired.

Strapping something down

If you need to transport something that is not secured with straps or ropes, ball bungees can provide an extra level of security.

Camping clothesline

If you’re looking for a way to hang your clothes up to dry while camping, ball bungees can be a great option. Simply tie a ball bungee around two trees, and then use the ball bungee to create a loop. Put your clothes through the loop, and then pull tight.

Temporarily fixing something

You can use ball bungees to temporarily fix a broken gate if the latch has broken. This will prevent the gate from swinging open while you’re waiting for a professional to come and fix it.

Final thoughts

Ball bungees go beyond their intended purpose. To find a great set of ball bungees right now click here and discover the right ball bungees for you.

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