Best Uses for Ball Bungees

Ball bungees are a type of elastic cord made of rubber or other material. They are used to hold things together, such as when tying down a tarp on a truck. Ball bungees are a perfect tool if you’re wanting to tie two things together. How do you tie a ball bungee? There are a […]

Tips on Securing Your Load to the Roof of Your Car

Picture a motorway. You’re driving within the speed limit and keeping a 2-second gap between your car and the vehicle in front. As far as you’re aware, the driver in front of you is doing everything right to stay safe on the roads. But, the vehicle has a roof rack and the items on it […]

How to Use Ratchet Straps?

Ratchet Straps are a type of strap that can be tightened and loosened using a ratchet, which is a type of lever. This allows for a more controlled tightening or loosening of the strap. Ratchet Straps are often used to secure cargo in the back of a truck, or to hold down a tent. To […]

What’s the Law on Overhanging Loads?

If you want to attach timber or other cargo to your car roof, you must know the law. Any load attached to the roof must be securely fastened. What’s more, any load must not exceed the maximum weight the car is designed to carry. Vehicles that are overloaded can pose dangers to the driver, passenger […]